Sara Cammorata, MS, RDN:

Nutrition ADVISOR

Sara is a Los Angeles based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) specializing in guiding women through the unique stages of preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum. Utilizing evidence-based nutrition information, Sara provides personalized support to optimize your nutrition and overall well-being. You’ll gain confidence and feel empowered to make nourishing food choices that benefit both mind and body throughout your motherhood journey.

Vanessa van der Linden, MS, CNS:


Vanessa is an Orange County-based Functional Nutritionist specializing in gut health, hormones, and metabolism using whole-body nourishment. She uses a root-cause approach to healing your symptoms using an in-depth health assessment, specialty lab testing, and personalized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations.

Emily Brown, MS, IFNCP:

Integrative & Functional Nutrition Practitioner

This is EmilyBrown, founder of Genetic Garden, she’s an integrative and functional nutrition practitioner, epigenetics expert, and Pilates pro, as quoted in GOOP! She developed the Genetic Garden program based on the fact that every human body is unique and in order to achieve results, we must understand the whole picture - food sensitivities, energy levels, sleep habits, stress levels, hormones, exercise and of course, DNA. Her approach is client-centric, collaborative and takes each unique personality into consideration when working with clients. She holds them accountable while providing tools and resources so they may take control of their health. Emilyaims to change the way modern society understands their body and takes preventative measures to live long vibrant lives.

Madalynn Eads, MDN, RD, LDN:


Madalynn Eads is a Registered Dietitian. She graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in Dietetics from the University of Dayton where she served as the University’s Food Lab Technician, managing the dietetic program’s budget and coordinating countless community programs. She completed supervised practice training through Premier Health in Dayton, Ohio, and at that time, she completed a Master of Dietetics and Nutrition through the University of Dayton. As a Pediatric Clinical Dietitian, she is profoundly committed to sharing evidence-based information with consumers that will subsequently improve their quality of life. When Madalynn is not living her dream as a Registered Dietitian, she enjoys spending time with her dear family and friends.

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