• 1 Day Plan

    1 Breakfast

    1 Lunch

    1 Dinner

    Total 3 Items

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  • 2 Day Plan

    2 Breakfast

    2 Lunch

    2 Dinner

    Total 6 items

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  • 5 Day Plan

    5 Breakfast

    5 Lunch

    5 Dinner

    Total 15 items

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  • Flex Plan

    Choose any of our
    nutrient dense +
    vitamin packed meals.

    Minimum of 3 items. 

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In order to deliver the freshest meals we lock orders several days before delivery.

Monday delivery - order cutoff Thursday 9pm.
Wednesday delivery - order cutoff Sunday at 9pm.

Don't forget to add on sweets, juices, broths and soups.

Filled with vitamins, minerals, and the perfect amount of honey-based sweetness.


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