About Me:

My family has been in the restaurant industry for over 40+ years and over time has had 15+family-owned and operated restaurants. My family currently owns and operates Crivello Ristorante Italiano in Huntington Beach, CA, and Crivello’s Italian Bistro in San Clemente, CA. Family dinners were a huge part of my life consisting of good food, good company, and great stories. I started working at my family’s restaurants in my early teens. Eventually, I went on to graduate from culinary school with a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management. For the past 10+ years I have been in the CPG industry where I played a vital role in logistics, supply chain and innovation. Throughout this time, I influenced and helped shape the food industry by formulating products that were innovative and cutting-edge.

Why I started The Sweet Pea:

Let's just say I used to have a pretty complicated relationship with food. I spent my teens and early twenties jumping from diet to diet, trying to find the magic formula that would make me feel good, look good and enjoy my life... you probably know how the story ends- I never did find that magic formula, but what I did find was balance. After struggling for many years with digestive struggles, I know the power of real food to nourish and heal- but I also believe life is meant to be lived and food is a powerful connector- to our family, our community and ourselves.

I started The Sweet Pea with the vision of providing nutrient-balanced meals that are incredibly convenient and accessible for women. The menu is carefully developed with the philosophy that we want to create the best tasting meals that are extremely nourishing and fuel your body properly. I saw an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. In a world filled with processed foods and quick fixes, my mission is to inspire others to embrace real, wholesome foods.

As a passionate advocate for self-care, I aim to empower women to prioritize their health and well-being. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-care, nourishment, and finding joy in embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Ciara Crivello

The Sweet Pea isn’t your average meal prep…

It's FOR YOU, nourishing, satisfying, and beautifully infused with fresh high-quality ingredients.

At The Sweet Pea

we offer a seasonal menu packed with delicious options for you to enjoy!

We source

All of our fruit, veggies and dairy are organic and locally sourced from farms that practice sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Our proteins are organic, grass-fed, wild-caught, free-range and pasture-raised. The majority of our recipes are gluten and grain free because we believe in soothing and nourishing meals that make your body feel their best. 

Highly nutritious

real-food that will make your body thrive. Every one of our meals is calorie and macro tracked, letting you know exactly what you are feeding your body. Our meals are handcrafted with love and care to provide one of the most important nutrients of all—pleasure

We make it easy

Having to prepare Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is no simple task, but we make it easy by doing the grocery shopping, cooking, and even cleaning. Consider us your all-in-one personal chefs!

No prep necessary

Our meals are fully-prepared, meaning no preparation is necessary! Just heat-and-eat. We make it incredibly convenient to eat real food that is nutritionally balanced.

Nutrition first

All of our meals have been reviewed and backed by leading nutritionists and dietitians to give your body what it needs to thrive.

The Sweet Pea organic meal delivery program is based on a real-food, nutrient-dense diet that includes grass-fed, pasture-raised and wild-caught proteins.

The team at The Sweet Pea would like to add ‘ensuring you are receiving appropriate nutrients throughout your day. Entrust us with the task of ensuring you are being well nourished with the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals so your body can thrive.

Each and every one of our recipes has been critically reviewed to ensure evidence-based practice by our Registered Dietitian to ensure the nutrients needed are available to you through our chosen recipes.