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Fiber Rich Waffles with Tropical Peach Mango Compote

Fiber Rich Waffles with Tropical Peach Mango Compote

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  • Excellent source of folate 
  • Portion Size 10 oz  
  • Heating Instructions: Heat a pan over medium heat. Remove the Waffles from the tray and place them in the pan. Heat until warmed through or until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. Garnish with the Tropical Peach Mango Compote and Fresh Strawberries. 


High Protein Waffles with Peach Mango Compote is a breakfast that will help you to remain satisfied and focused on your daily activities. This waffle recipe provides a tremendous amount - approximately 85% of recommended daily intake (RDI) - of Vitamin C, which helps to support both mama and baby’s immune system. A healthy immune system can work to know what is an invader (cold, flu, etc.) versus a pregnant mother’s body hard at work. Additionally, Vitamin C works to reduce the incidence of intrauterine growth restriction as well as maternal anemia. In addition to Vitamin C, this unique recipe provides a high amount of protein, necessary for both mother and baby. Mother benefits from protein as it works to grow and repair damaged tissues; baby benefits from protein as it develops hormones, enzymes, and antibodies necessary for growth. Overall, this recipe is a simple but creative dish that sneaks in fiber, protein, and Vitamin C in places that do not compromise the quality of the dish.

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